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Scar 17s SBR, Black.


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New in box Black FNH® Scar 17s converted to a SBR and is registered with the NFA on a form 2. Choose from 10 1/2" super shorty or 13" CQC barrel lengths by selecting in options boxes. You can add a lot of accessories to your Scar from our FNH® Accessories category. These are registered and engraved as required by NFA laws. These come with a standard Flash Hider or Optional Quick Detach mount/flash hider from AAC, Gemtech, Surefire or YHM, select in box. Item ships to your class 3 dealer on a form 3 as soon as the NFA paperwork clears. The 10 1/2" barrel length was developed in house by us to provide a true SBR and have superior balance with silencer attached, now in use by LE professionals. The gas system is adjusted and we have perfected the modification with our HDD manufactured gas bushes so the gas regulator plug works reliable as required with "Normal" and "Suppressed" settings.

Make sure this item is legal in your state and local area before purchase, Illegal in restricted states of CA, HI, IA, IL, MN, NJ, NY & RI.

Product Code: scar17sbrblk

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Scar SBR

I got the 10.5" barrel and it is the best. Short handy 7.62 battle rifle that still shoots under 1" at 100yds, very happy with this gun, thanks dog.

Scott L :: May 25 2013, 22:28 PM

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