Purchasing a Silencer, SBR etc falls under the NFA of 1986, and all NFA items must be transferred through a licensed FFL SOT Class III dealer in your state. You can purchase the suppressor, SBR etc from us, we will do the paperwork to transfer the item to the Class III FFL SOT dealer of your choice in your state. Your Class III FFL SOT Dealer will do the Form 4 paperwork to transfer the NFA item to you. If you choose a dealer with a built in range then you can fire the item while you wait for the ATF to process your form 4, once the form 4 is approved then you can take the item home.

The majority of machine guns we sell are new and made well after 1986 such as our Scar, P90, FN15, FN16, F2000, M249, M240 MK48 etc, this means civilian buyers can never own these guns. A civilian buyer can  own machine guns registered before the 1986 cut-off but guns like the FN Scar, P90 etc are made much more recently and therefore cannot be owned by the public. These machine guns can only be transfered to class 3 dealers with a Law Letter, Law Enforcement departments, Government agencies, Military and exported to USA allies with Department of State approval.


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