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FN SCAR® is a trademark owned by FN HERSTAL, S.A. HI-DESERTDOG LLC’s use of “FN SCAR®” “FN SCAR® 17S” “FN SCAR® 16S” or any variation of “FN SCAR®”, is in no way intended to misidentify goods or services, or to cause a likelihood of confusion. HI-DESERTDOG recognizes the trademark “FN SCAR®” belongs to FN HERSTAL, S.A. HI-DESERTDOG LLC consumers who purchase any HI-DESERTDOG LLC product must assume that the product or service it represents is not associated with the source of a different product or service.  HI-DESERTDOG LLC products are different in function and design, from FN SCAR® components, and therefore cannot constitute a trade dress infringement. HI-DESERTDOG LLC takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for, mistakes, confusion, or misinterpretations of third parties.

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