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HDD Tactical leads in development of the SCAR platform, caliber conversions, barrels, stocks, charging handles, SBR, PDW, select fire,  pistols, receivers, bolts, pistons etc.

SCAR Enhancement products by HDD TACTICAL, these products are done to a high quality with professional use in mind. We are proud and honored to supply units such as the Elite Navy SEALs, Military personel, Law Enforcement needs and Private Security Contractors. We subject these products to rigorous testing at our private Ranch with 1600 meter/1 mile ranges etc.


The pistol grips we modify and stock are the best ones we've found so far for reliable and safe use on the Scar platform. Other brands of grips we've tried work OK but with the material removed to fit the larger Scar grip pod makes the grip a little thin, not mentioning brands here, remember these grips were intended for use on AR15/M16 weapon systems and are good on those weapons. After Scar mods on some grips, the strength and integrity is compromised so we won't sell them. Sure for Civvy use the weapon is not subjected to much stress and a broken grip may not raise much drama but we supply serving Law Enforcement and Military Professionals who demand "in the field reliability". If a pistol grip fails while in harms way then the mission just got a lot tougher.



HDD ACH Spec-Ops

The charging handles we have developed for the Scar are the best on the market. Advantages are solid construction, better grip and lightweight. These have a larger grip/handle area with pronounced sharp knurling for faster in the field tactical use and much superior gripping with wet, bloody or gloved hands.  Mounts on left or right side. Angled down for knuckle saving use with Optic mounts. Constructed as a reliable unit with professional use in mind. These are made from ordnance steel inner with a 7075 T6 aluminum sharp knurled handle.

HDD ACH Spec-Ops Duo

This handle is the same as above but has a handle on the offside that fits together with the main handle so you have a handle on either side. These are the best for quick change left hand and right hand shooting positions such as encountered while clearing houses/buildings. Once you train with the Duo handles then clearing jams or reloading is accomplished quicker and easier no matter which firing position you are in.



The drop in barrels we build for the Scar weapon platform are now using a in house HDD designed and upgraded Scar type gas block. It looks like a factory Scar gas block but we engineered a optional 3 position gas regulator system instead of the standard "as issued" 2 position.   We engineered this enhanced gas block to bring the Scar operator more tactical in the field options. Our new gas block is stainless steel like the factory Scar and also takes the factory Scar front sights. The gas block is also available in a smooth top sightless version just like the new upgraded Scar carbine, the FNAC  FN Advanced Carbine  and the SSR Sniper Support Rifle. The HDD gas block can use factory Scar pistons or our new upgraded HDD full length chromed pistons with slightly larger head size for better fit and longer lasting rings. The 3 position gas regulator looks and works like a factory Scar gas regulator  but has the 3rd position option, the gas block also works with factory FNH gas regulators but of course then only has the 2 positions. The barrel extension we use on the heavy SASR (Semi Auto Sniper Rifle) barrels is also a HDD design, we make these longer and beefier than the standard factory Scar extension. These are longer to provide more bearing surface to receiver contact area, this is required for better lock up and support of the longer heavier barrels in 5.56mm and 7.62mm.  We use Shilen® match grade air gauged blanks for these. The 7.62mm has 1in10 twist. The 5.56mm has 1in7 twist.



To compliment our SASR, (Semi Auto Sniper Rifle), configured rifles and barrels we developed and built a robust 7075 T6 aluminum stock adapter so installation of a Sniper quality stock can be facilitated on the Scar platform. We modify the Magpul PRS stock so it fits and works great on the Scar. The Spec-Ops version has a tool/battery compartment and used in Afghanistan with Special Forces. You can now fit other AR15 stock options to the Scar, these include collapsable versions such as the standard M4 and Magpuls MOE, ACS and UBR etc.



HDD Gas Control Inserts, SCAR & FS2000.

 HDD has built Gas Screws for the Scar, these are Stainless and we upgraded to a Allen head design.  Much better than the blade driver slotted standard screws, especially  when it comes time to remove for cleaning gas port etc. These are used in our enhanced Scar gas blocks and fit the standard factory FNH SCAR gas block as well. These are listed in the Scar 16/17 & FS2000 Parts Categories,  standard sizes available and custom sizes for odd caliber conversions can be ordered.



HDD Gas Pistons for Scar carbines

We now have the new HDD Gas Pistons for the Scar 16 and 17 carbines. These are made from high quality hardened steel and full length hard chromed. Piston head is slightly larger than factory gas piston for better fit and this helps rings last longer. The full length chrome has low friction and great wear resistance. Fits our enhanced HDD Scar gas blocks, standard FNH Scar gas blocks and takes FNH piston rings.



HDD Select Fire Post Sample Scar carbines

New Scar 16 & 17 Select Fire-full auto carbines. Available in all barrel lengths with our HDD options, grips, stocks, charging handles etc. Law Enforcement/Government Agencies and class 3 dealers with a Law Letter can order these.  These are too new for civilian transfer as civilians can only own machine guns made before 1986.

We have conversion kits for a FFL/SOT to convert Scars to select fire, these include complete select fire lower receiver with S 1 A markings, auto bolt carrier and short barrels.      All NFA laws apply


 HDD Scar Assaulter CQB carbines 

 New Scar 16 & 17 carbines in "Assaulter-Close Quarters Battle"  trim with 10 1/2" or 13" barrels, HDD 3 position gas block with bayonet lug and  Flash Hider. M16 type bayonet compatable. The gas regulator settings on these are "Suppressed", "Normal" and "Adverse" or you can have "Suppressed", "Normal" and "Off" for Subsonic use etc. Comes with HDD Spec-Ops charging handle with angled extended knurled Knob. Engraved and registered to comply with NFA laws. Law Enforcement, Military and approved class 3 dealers  only can have the select fire option.



  Modifying the factory Scar 16 barrels to 10" CQC length and 17 barrels to 13" CQC length requires replacing the restrictor in the gas block to what we consider a fairly large size gas bush, some gunsmiths say "just remove the restrictor all together", don't do this, these guys should stick to rebluing bolt actions and stay the heck away from the Scar weapon system. Removing the restrictor will make the action function but the velocity of the bolt and carrier slamming into the back of receiver causes excessive felt recoil, cracking and damage to plastic stock mount where carrier hits it, wear and tear on components like extractor, bolt group etc and keep in mind the receiver is aluminum.  We have the gas regulator setting option of "Standard-Adverse",(mostly professional use) and "Standard-Suppressor" (sporting use). The correct size gas port will cycle the weapon reliably with various ammo and do it at a moderate velocity of the bolt. The bolt should always hold open on the last shot but not with excessive cycle speed and recoil. Can't really say how many Scar barrels we have repaired due to gunsmiths and DIY handymen getting it wrong but we have fixed flaking chrome in the bore from improperly cut barrels, reinstalled correct size gas block restricter bush to match barrel length and regulator options.  We developed the 10 1/2" Super Shorty Scar 17 SBR conversion so customers can have a true SBR and a carbine that balances so much better with silencer attached. These require adjustments to the gas system which we have perfected and these barrels  operate with the gas regulator proper function of Normal - Suppressed settings.





HDD developed and built the first and only  300 AAC Blackout  conversion for the Scar 16 and is currently available as a complete rifle. We now have developed drop in barrels for this great caliber with a special gas block and regulator plug that are made for operation with the 300AAC BLK low pressure cartridge. This conversion is just a barrel swap.    We have  Scar 16 conversion kits to the 7.62x39 and 6.8SPC. These kits come with new barrel assembly, bolt assembly and magazine to suit the cartridge. The new Scar 17 5.56 conversion kit is now in production, (see below), and the 260 Rem conversion also available by order.









Our prototype kit has been developed and tuned for the Scar 17s and it works great. Complete kit contains,  lower receiver that fits onto the Scar 17s but takes 5.56 (AR15) magazines,  5.56 barrel assembly tuned to the heavier Scar 17s action,  17-556 recoil spring assembly,  17-556 bolt head that works with the 17s components and 30 round Scar 16  5.56 magazine. No need to buy a Scar 16s, just convert your 17s to 5.56mm. Lower receiver is made of 7075 T6 Aluminum, takes standard AR15/M16 pistol grips and magazines. A new select fire version of this lower receiver also now coming for select fire Scar 17 carbines. (2014).

Prototype HDD Scar 17-556 lower receiver, production version has enlarged trigger guard for gloved hand use and new HDD bolt catch for drum mag use.


HDD SCAR 17s combo, both 7.62 and 5.56 calibers in the one carbine.

HDD new version of the 17-556 lower with enlarged trigger guard, (prototype in the white).


Scar 17 conversions we do to 243 Winchester and 260 Remington are just barrel swaps so are a easy 10 minute conversion.



HDD has developed new replacement bolt assemblies for the Scar 16/17 carbines, these were needed for the HDD caliber conversion kits that need different bolts than standard. New assemblies include 6.8SPC, 7.62x39 Russian (AK47) and the Scar 17-556.



The new Personal Defense Weapon has a shorter receiver, different bolt carrier, short 6.75" barrel and optional SIG arm brace for the pistol version.  The HDD/FNH PDW can be ordered in semi auto and select fire. Pistol and folding stock version of the PDW measures 16" OAL, SIG arm brace version is 21" OAL. HDD developed a buffer for this weapon and it is very controlable in rapid fire or full auto, this Personal Defense Weapon is top notch and a lot of fun. Training required to be proficient with this gun is surprisingly minimal.

HDD/FNH PDW Prototype with SIG Arm brace, this transfers easy as a Handgun.



HDD/FNH PDW Machine Gun Pistol

HDD/FNH PDW Machine Gun Pistol

HDD PDW 6.75" barrel                                     HDD PDW Bolt Carrier




The pistol version of the Scar 16/17 we have developed is the Scar-Pistol and has 10"-13" barrels. The Scar-Pistol is available in 5.56, 7.62, 6.8SPC and 7.62x39. Newest version has the SIG arm brace optional.

HDD Scar 16s Pistol with detachable Sig arm brace.



New HDD Scar-10 lower receivers for the MK17 and SCAR 17s. These receivers take early AR10, SR25, M110, AR308, X25 and MAGPUL® P-mag type magazines. These are 7075 T6 aluminum and are hardcoat anodized, better than MIL-Spec. Carefully made as a drop in part that doesn't need a gunsmith to fit etc. Our HDD Scar 17-556 receivers, AR15 and AR10 receivers are already programmed in the machines so doing these lowers was a easy cost efficient addition to our receiver offerings. The HDD Scar-10 Lower Receiver will take aftermarket Geissele & Timney triggers without modifications and all FNH factory parts drop right in, no grinding or filing needed on these quality lowers . The design we decided on has a enlarged trigger guard for  gloved hands use and the ugly strengthening rib that is required on the plastic receivers has been omitted from these stronger 7075 T6 aluminum models. The magwell is quality broached on these HDD SCAR-10 receivers which is why the magazines fit properly and drop free like they are supposed to, including the X Products® X25 drum mags. The HDD SCAR-10  lower receiver installs into your Scar upper and stock mount like the standard FNH lower receiver, no tools required. The pistol grip pod is set for readily available AR15/M16 pistol grips and is threaded the standard 6mx1.0 metric, the factory Scar metric grip screw fits this lower so less spare parts inventory is needed. These will be available in Semi Auto and also a Select Fire LE/MIL version. 


HDD SCAR-10 Lower Receiver for the SCAR 17 & 17s, prototype in the white.




New firing pins made from Stainless steel and Titanium. The Stainless pins are heat treated for strength and are non corrosive/rust proof. The Titanium pins are strong lightweight pins which work great with the Timney or Geissele Match triggers and the Titanium pins have a shorter lock time for improved accuracy.



Future development of the Scar weapon platform at HDD Tactical

HDD  SCAR 17 BEL  (Behind Enemy Lines) 7.62x39

HDD has been asked to develop a conversion kit for the Scar 17 to convert it to a AK47 762x39 BEL weapon, we have developed  most of this weapon already and are now working on the 7075 T6 lower receiver that fits the Scar 17  but takes standard AK47 mags. We already have the 7.62x39 barrels and bolts working flawlessly in the SCAR platform but a Behind Enemy Lines weapon should be able to use the more readily available enemy AK47 magazines and ammo.  To make it more cost viable a  civilian semi auto version will also be available. Email to reserve one. We have developed barrels in 10.5", 13" and 16" lengths for the 7.62x39 conversions. We have developed a 3 position gas block for these barrels so you can turn off the gas for stealth bolt action use with Silencer attached so flying brass and action noise won't give away operators position. Flawless function with available 7.62x39 ammo, steel case to brass case, no problem. The HDD BEL lower has a specialy made bolt hold open catch for maintenance/cleaning etc but of course won't hold open with a AK47 magazine.

We have developed the lower to take the common 30rnd AK47 magazines but also will take the 75rnd and 100rnd drum mags. The more options the better and this is the best design available.

HDD Scar 17s BEL with 30rnd AK47 magazine.

HDD Scar 17s BEL with 75rnd AK47 drum magazine.




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